15 Best EdTech Academic Writing & Checking Tools for Teachers and Students

15 behtreen education taleemi writing and checking tools.

15 Best EdTech Academic Writing & Checking Tools for Teachers and Students


Technology could be a wonderful thing. It’s made numerous aspects of life just that much easier, including academic life. EdTech academic writing tools are extremely helpful in giving students that extra assistance they’ll need to advance their essay writing and find a better level of success in school, college or university.

There are variety of EdTech academic writing and checking tools students can hit for assistance when desirable, throughout the varsity year.


Plagiarism Checker

Many times student write assignments by stealing contents from internet without knowing that they could be caught up. So before submitting assignment, thesis or any written work they should need to explore whether this content is real or copied from the internet. Small Tool Seo Plagiarism checker would be a good choice to inspect your content plagiarized portion.


Article Rewriter

Articles rewriter is another tool which is designed to help the students for rewriting the content. This assist the student in converting steal content into real content. The students can make easily plagiarized free content with help of Article Rewriter.


Parapal Online

When you need some help improving your reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar, then address Parapal for a few assistances. a spread of free English lessons and vocabulary building exercises will assist you improve and increase your language skills.



15 Best Teachers & students EdTech academic tools for writing & checking

Tap into the resources provided by to inspire your better essay writing. Authors of all skill levels and interests use this online community as a gathering spot to urge tips which will benefit their written works. Produce a portfolio over there, share your written work, and bond with other creative minds.


Online Urdu And English Typing Tool

Small Tool Seo provides a web Urdu Typing tool for students. This online urdu and arabic writing software will make enable you to write down Urdu easily. As many students need to writes assignments in urdu. Such as Urdu, Islamic studies, arabic languages and Pak studies etc.

Urdu online onscreen keyboard can write text in Urdu/Arabic and save in your pc. You’ll also can edit urdu articles by copying sort of Microsoft word (ms) document or from any websites etc. After editing may send these urdu typing sentences to anyone via email address. Online urdu keyboard works as in-page.


Webfx Read Able Tool

Read-Able may be a quick, easy, and free thanks to test the readability of your work. Sometimes you’ve worked hard on an essay that it’s hard to ascertain the errors right ahead of your face. It is sensible in your mind, so it’s difficult to know how it wouldn’t add up to anyone else reading it.


Grammar Lessons By Gorillas

If you would like to possess a touch more fun while learning proper grammar, log onto The Grammar Gorillas. Starving gorillas are guessing you to feed them bananas, as you identify different parts of speech. You shall be providing for the hungry gorillas, while having fun and getting a grammar lesson.


Essay Tagger

Students will acquire a fair assessment of their essays when their teachers use “EssayTagger” to grade them. This isn’t an auto-grader, so teachers will still have got to read and grade the essays, but it can help them give more objective feedback when they’re unable to distinct their views from the essay they’re interpretation.


Grammar Now

Get help with grammar, punctuation, and writing skills of all types at Grammar Now! Free answers are provided for all of your grammatical questions over there.



If you’ve ever had an excellent idea pop into your head, only to possess it drift apart before you had an opportunity to write down it down, you’ll understand the worth of Simplenote. With this free tool, you’ll easily take notes on any device, organize them and locate them quickly using tags. Never let another good idea slip far away from you again!



It’s very easy to urge completely distracted when you’re working online, especially when you’re not totally curious about what you’re alleged to be doing. Anti-Social can help keep you on the proper track, by blocking the most important distracting websites.



The five books that structure this online program work to assist students learn new words and their meanings. an in depth vocabulary may be a useful gizmo to possess in your back pocket, when you’re trying to write down an essay, and Vocaboly is there to assist you increase that vocabulary.



Forget about post-it notes or dog-earring the book pages that you’ll got to take information from when you’ve got Mnemonic. you’ll tag and bookmark any page that’s relevant to your project, organize your resources and locate them quickly and simply.



Write better stories and essays with some help from Quillpad, the fun website that seeks to urge students excited about writing. Online resources, books, and vocabulary boosters work together to vary students’ perceptions about how boring they think writing are often.


The straightforward Essay

The Easy Essay may be a template for information organization and sharing that breaks down essays to their most elementary form. It’s perfect for all levels of education because the structure of essays–no matter what level you’re writing at–always remains an equivalent .


Students today should fill use of the EdTech academic writing and checking tools available to them, take benefit of the EdTech learning opportunities they supply and use them to raised their academic writing and language skills.


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