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Customs and traditions of Arab’s Country People

Cultures of Arab Countries:

The Customs and traditions of Arab’s People cultures are very different from those of Western cultures. If you are traveling to an Arab country, knowing some of the Arab customs and traditions will make your visit more enjoyable. Even if you are not planning a trip, it is a pleasure to learn about other cultures.

Whether you’re studying abroad, visiting an Arab country, planning a business trip, or wanting to learn more about culture, here are some important and interesting Arabic customs and traditions:

Hospitality of Arab’s People:

Hospitality is considered one of the most important Arab customs, which are considered one of the sacred duties, and its origin goes back to the Bedouins who were famous for their permanent travel, which affected the necessity of Bedouin hospitality to some of them in order to survive in the desert environment, and with the passage of time the Arab peoples inherited the habit of hospitality and became one of the customs The task for all Arab countries was not limited to the Bedouins.

Henna Traditions:

Henna is one of the Arab traditions inherited for more than five thousand years, which was considered a symbol of good luck and health, and women applied henna paste on their hands and feet to increase fertility. For it was used in the feet with a special system, as the ancients used it in medicine and in the dyeing of various animal dyes. Henna is still used in various weddings, where before the bride is given, a pair of henna is used to stretch the bride’s hands and feet with intricate and attractive designs.

Food in the Customs and traditions of Arab’s:

The Arab world has imbibed most of the rituals and customs of the Islamic religion. As Islam has indicated that it is forbidden for a Muslim to eat pork or prey meat or drink wine. And it also stipulates that meat must be slaughtered according to the method of Islamic law, and lamb meat is one of the most meat that Arabs eat.

As well as The habit of drinking Arabic tea or coffee is famous in most Arab countries, which expresses appreciation and genuine generosity. And the customs indicate the necessity of accepting hospitality whatever it is. Since its refusal to diminish the concern of the owner of the hospitality, and it was mentioned from Arab customs pouring food in a large bowl in order to welcome the guests and to signify generosity in Serving food. And it should be noted that the Arabs use the right hand to accomplish various tasks such as food and drink in accordance with Islamic law.

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