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Top 13 reasons to Express unfairness in this world

1. In the face of society and life, I never ask for fairness. On the contrary, I yearn for unfairness.

2. Yes, you and I all know that this world is full of injustice, poverty, reality, and helplessness, but I want you to understand that this world will never stop like this. I want you to see light, dreams, hard work and hope. No one can go back to the past and live again, but you and I can decide our future appearance from now on. It’s like a slow green train. Maybe it’s slow, but time will always reach your stop.

3. The world is becoming colorful because of different things. Gorgeous flowers and withered yellow flowers adorn the world at the same time, and it shows the world’s splendor.

4. Don’t complain about the unfairness of life. The French writer Hugo once said: “I only inject all misfortune into my heart, and my heart will bloom the fairest flower.” Forget the unfairness, and let the unfair soil bloom the most beautiful flowers in life.

5. Don’t do stupid things, you will only invite more unfairness.

6. People who have achieved brilliance in humiliation have never questioned unfairness; those who are optimistic and broad-minded in ups and downs have never lamented unfairness; those who choose to succumb between life and death have never sighed fair.

7. Understand that there is no fairness in this world. This is like the flowers in the world, why some bloom brilliantly, while others are thin and yellow. The reason is that they are in different locations and environments. Gorgeous flowers may grow on fertile ground; thin flowers may come from cracks in rocks or poor soil.

8. Unfairness is relative. You don’t have to compare with others when the conditions are different.

9. Don’t always complain about unfairness. You have to know that this is a relative world, and your unfairness is fair to others. For a person who doesn’t know how to cherish good opportunities, no matter how good the opportunities are, they are not destined for him.

10. We often do not lose to others, but bad moods degrade our image, reduce our ability, disrupt our thinking, and lose to ourselves.

11. The society itself is unfair, we have too much to let go, so we have to continue.

12. Don’t lament how unfair God is, the great axes of life are carving for you.

13. Don’t complain that life is not fair to you, because life doesn’t know who you are.

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