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General information about custom with examples

What are the examples of custom?

A custom is defined as a cultural idea that describes a regular, patterned behavior that is considered a feature of life in a social system. Shaking hands, bowing, and kissing – all customs – are ways to greet people. The method commonly used in a society helps to differentiate one culture from another. Let’s explore our topic “General information about custom with examples” more.

What is Custom:

A custom is a set of rules, concepts, standards and social norms. Which is agreed or accepted by the public. Often in the form of a habit that people are accustomed to. In addition, some rules or customs may become law, and written regulatory legislation may be introduced. It defines traffic rules by those who formulate or enforce customs, such as rules, regulations, and instructions. Such as determining the aspect of the road according to which the vehicle travels. Its type or size, or the shape of the traffic lights.

In a social environment, rituals can be an immutable law, such as: the way people meet and greet each other, such as shaking hands and kissing each other. In the physical sciences, numerical values ​​such as constant, measurement tools, or quantities are called traditional concepts. Which were born in the form of a tradition and circulated among the scholars. [1]

General rules and information about custom:

Information on custom: [2]

  • The custom must be old, fixed and specific to one place and not the other, and some areas may share a set of customs.
  • The word custom often refers to an unwritten habit that people share in society.
  • The social rule in sociology indicates that any social norm that individuals adhere to is a habit in society, as these rules are not written in law.
  • Norms cannot be applied in courts because they are some illegal rules that are not binding on everyone, and their failure to do so does not result in any kind of penalties unless they contradict a law.

Examples of custom & social norm:

Examples of custom: [3]

  • Shake hands with strangers if they get to know each other, as in Western society, where they:
    1. They bow to each other in: China, Korea, and Japan.
    2. They do not bow to each other in Jewish customs.
    3. Greeting in the United States is by looking each other’s eyes, shaking their heads, and drawing a smile without bending over.
  • Exchange business cards as it happens in business meetings.
  • Pecking heels as in past eras in Western history.
  • Not to put the soles of the feet in the face of another person, as in the regions of the Middle East, because that is considered an offense to him.
  • In some schools, although seats are not assigned to students in their names, some students claim that these seats are for them, and consider sitting in another student’s seat an insult to them.
  • In Germany, the United States, and the Arab countries, drivers stick to the right side of the street, while in Australia and England they drive on the left.


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