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Top 6 steps to deal with someone who loves you and hurts you?

How to handle the person who love and hurt you?

It’s not that friends don’t get together. Sometimes you obviously don’t want to meet certain people, but you still let you meet. You try hard to forget but you can’t forget the hurt. As actually its difficult to forget the situation in which the person first love you and then hurt you. So how do you treat people who have loved you and hurts you?

How to handle the person who love you and hurts you?

Pass by:

Suddenly, you meet someone who has hurt you, you see her, and she sees you too. If you can’t let go of the hurt in your heart and don’t know how to face her, you will be like a passerby and be a stranger. People, don’t think too much, just pass by.

With a smile:

Walking on a crowded street, I ran into someone who had hurt you before, and a ripple suddenly appeared in my heart, evoking infinite pain, but I still have to suppress these pains and try to control my emotions. Smiled at him and walked gently.

Learn to dilute:

Don’t think about the people who have hurts you. The more you think about it, the more your heartache becomes. Let time dilute these unforgettable pains, let time heal your injuries, dilute them over time, and bury the hurt people in a corner of your heart. , Dusted up, never turn this page again.

Think about the beauty of the past:

If the hurt in your heart cannot be forgotten, and you still have a bit of hatred for the person who has hurt you, then try to tell yourself not to hate, hate will make you feel uncomfortable, more heartache, try to remember the person who hurts you , I have given you good memories, remember his good, forget his bad, you are not fellow travelers, just keep a good memory.

Bless him (her):

Once two people have been in love, have been sweet, have been happy, have been happy, and have given their feelings to each other. For some reason one of them hurts the other, then make your own measure bigger, it is not yours, and there is no force. Use, bless him, her happiness is what you once wanted to see.

Never contact again:

If you have ever loved each other, but have hurt each other, then turn this page over completely, never contact, go your own way, don’t have intersections, don’t miss each other, have fantasies, have fantasies Only let yourself suffer more and greater harm, forget it, let each other disappear in each other’s life forever, this is the best way.

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