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How to face the annoying person you hate?

Learn to hide your true emotions in front of person you hate.

What if you encounter a person who is difficult to get along with, it makes you feel very annoying, but for some reason, you have to face it every day. What should I do?

Indeed, in this world, no one can satisfy everyone. There are always people you like and people you hate. Just like you yourself will be liked and hated by others. Learn to hide your true emotions. After a lifetime of practice, how do you deal with people you hate?

How to face annoying Peoples?

First of all, we must remind ourselves that whether it is complaining or narcissism, these bad traits are all aspects of a person, not all of him, but sometimes these shortcomings in him make us feel too strong , So that we are no longer willing to pay attention to the positive side of him, so a stereotype is formed. When we see the whole of a person, not just the bad and negative side of him, it will change. To be more rational or tolerant, so as to avoid falling into extreme emotions.

The second thing is to understand that when you are facing a difficult person, how you feel about him depends to a large extent on how you look at him. For example, when facing a puppy, the child may be scared when he sees it. Weeping, but adults will often be indifferent when they see it, as if the dog does not exist. What does this mean? Explain that when we encounter something, our reactions and feelings depend more on how we look at it. If you think it is a threat to you, you will feel fear. If you think it can’t hurt you at all, you will simply It doesn’t matter, keep calm.

So when there are some people around you who make you feel uncomfortable, you can try not to rush to evaluate the other person, but to treat the other person as a mirror, or a touchstone. From this kind of stressful interaction, explore Understand what needs to be improved and improved in your heart.

This is not to say that we should attribute the bad feeling to ourselves, but to regard it as a window or way to understand and improve ourselves. In this way, even if the other person is a negative energy person, we can still learn from it. To grow, this is the more valuable thing.

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