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Is it okay to work to the best of your ability?

Is it good to do things within your capacity?

Knowing a sense of measure is the best gift for yourself, so is it okay to do what you can? Let’s explain our topic “how can we do the things which are within our ability and capacity.”

Is it good to do things within your capacity or ability?

We always like to set too high requirements and goals for ourselves, and things are often beyond our ability. As the saying goes, “If we can, we will advance, otherwise we will retreat and do what we can.” So we should do things according to our ability.

Before finishing a thing, I have to assess the mismatch between my ability and the size of the thing, and I have to tailor my clothes

Many successful people have actually compared what they have done with their own strengths after combining reality. They often do what they can or do their best to accomplish.

There are also people in life who can clearly know the limits of their abilities and keep themselves safe. They don’t think this is a pity, but instead think it is a kind of happiness, so doing what they can can bring happiness to themselves.

Usually sane and rational people know how to do what they can, and irrational people will do things beyond their ability, but this is more like a gamble. If you lose, everything is gone.

Choosing to do what we can is like a kind of rejection. For example, when we have enough money, we can help others generously. When we don’t have money, we can directly reject it. This is not a contradiction, right. If we want to save face, we must make full use of it. Fat man, the result is not necessarily good, so we have to do what we can.

Finally, if we always overestimate ourselves and do things that we can’t do, the price is that these consequences are ultimately un-affordable to you. Only when we know how to do our best and do our best, can we survive and do things to ourselves.

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