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Marriage Traditions of the Algerian Country Peoples

Details of Algerian marriage, engagement, ceremony and wedding food.

Today are going to post here the “Marriage Traditions of the Algerian Country Peoples”. In Algeria, as in all Arab countries, society revolves around religion and the religious rites of Islam. In Algeria, marriage is taken very seriously and is often seen as a sign of maturity. According to the Qur’an, marriage should be based on love. The practice of marriage among followers of the Muslim religion in Algeria is exactly the same as in other Muslim societies.

Algerian’s marriage requirements:

In Algeria, people follow Islamic conditions for legal marriage: a Muslim man can marry a woman from the People of the Book, while a Muslim woman can marry only one Muslim, and only with the consent of the girl is it permissible to marry without coercion, the presence of a married dowry, and the approval of a guardian girl order. [1]

The period of engagement:

It is the period during which spouses get to know each other, exchange opinions, and make wedding preparations; they go to buy gold, clothes, and household goods, and learn about their future roles. [2]

Celebration ceremony of marriage traditions of the Algerian:

Celebrations begin two or three days before the wedding ceremony, and these celebrations include the following: [3]

  • Bathing Day: This is the first stage of the celebration, and it is necessary to go to the bathroom, and it is believed that leaving it will be misfortune for the wife in her wedded life.
  • Beloved Hannah Day: This is the second day of celebrations, and it is a special celebration for women, in which henna is drawn in the form of flowers and shapes which means to bring good luck, to ward off evil, And to increase fertility, and the bride does not have to do housework until the henna disappears, and during the celebration the women sing traditional songs, distribute tea, cakes, and the rest of the girls paint the henna on the single girls. Bring their luck.
  • The day of the henna: the day before the wedding ceremony, and in the morning the bride sends curtains, rugs, clothes, etc. to her future home, and in the afternoon the groom sends gifts with the women of the family and henna to his future bride For those who dance and sing all the way from the groom’s house to the Elas of the House, and as soon as they reach the bride’s house, they use henna, water, and a mixture of lemon juice to pour on the bride’s feet and hands. Then they sings special customary songs.

Wedding day:

The bride wears the white dress on the wedding day as a sign of purity, and the groom wears a European-style suit, and in the afternoon the women of the family send the bride to the wedding hall, and the mother of the bride receives them with dates and milk, receives roses and chocolate on them, and gives money as gifts to the newlyweds. [4]

Food for Wedding:

Wedding tables and meals are a testament to parental generosity, and a variety of sweets are served. Like buckwheat and lentils, as a lunch, kuzkoz is served with vegetables, and the meat is slaughtered through chicken, as well as chicken, various salads and tomato sauce and soup made from meat. Is done. [5]


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