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Marriage Traditions of the Indian Country Peoples

Read about traditions of marriage celebrations, light fires and mehndi.

A short article on “Marriage Traditions of the Indian Country Peoples”. Hindu weddings are dynamic, intricately planned, culturally full of festivities and traditions. The essence of a Hindu wedding ceremony is the physical, spiritual and emotional union of two people. It is also about coming together with two families through prayer and celebration. “A Hindu marriage is mixing family traditions somewhere between the couple’s expectations.” “With so many rituals and mini-ceremonies celebrating the main days of the main event, it binds the couple and both families forever.”

Marriage Celebrations:

The main celebration takes place at the bride’s house, and many celebrations take place before and after the wedding , and on the day of the wedding the bride’s father receives the groom with yogurt and honey and greets him towards  home, and the garlands are exchanged in a ritual called the Jaimala festivity, which represents approval and agreement, and these customs are spread in the North India.

Mehndi on Marriage Traditions of the Indian:

The celebration of mehndi is a celebration dedicated only to women. Mehndi is the one of the most popular Indian wedding traditions, in which the bride’s hands and feet are decorated with henna decorations, which symbolize the relationship between her and her future husband. Show The ceremony ends and the bride goes, her parents do not eat before the wedding to maintain their purity.

Light fires on Wedding Day:

The sacred fire is one of the foundations of the Indian wedding ceremony, and it is a testament to the events of the day. During the wedding, the fire is extinguished for the couple to walk seven steps around with the recitation of the Hindu vow of marriage, then during the ceremony the verse “Laja Homa” is recited, in which the bride’s brother puts rice in his hand, That it may be poured into the hands of the bridegroom, which is at the bottom, and that the fire may be kindled in the sanctuary.

Traditional dress for guests at Marriage:

There is no special law for choosing clothes in Indian weddings, but long dresses are required. So as not to expose the shoulders or knees, and the traditional “lehenga” saree is considered a fashion that respects religious rites at weddings, and men wear long suits or dresses. As far as colors are concerned, in addition to red, it is better to wear a bright bride, which is for the bride, and both colors should be avoided. Black and white are the color of mourning and bring misfortune.

The Wedded couple’s reception:

After the wedding ceremony, a reception is arranged for the couple, with the aim of receiving blessings and gifts from the community members and relatives, in which the guests dance non-stop while playing music, and Indian culture. According to him, it is forbidden for the bride to dance or kiss with the male guests, and the bride should be serious on her wedding day.

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