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Traditions of Iraqis Weddings in Dowry Tray

Traditions of dowry and its components.

Today we’ll read about “The Traditions of Iraqis Weddings in Dowry Tray”. Although the word dowry has lost its meaning in today’s modern world, it is still a valid concept. In the past, dowry was considered financial support for a woman’s home. Because in those days, the only income in the house was provided by the husband. Therefore, families start preparing dowry when a daughter is born and collect the dowry until their child reaches the age of marriage. That’s the reason most couples like to buy items together in dowry.

However, indeed, there are many families who continue the tradition of dowry. What things do those who continue the tradition save or buy for their dowry? In the past, women included handmade items such as lace and crochet work. However, nowadays brides prefer to wear ready-made items instead of the above mentioned items.

Traditions of Iraqis Weddings in Dowry Tray:

Iraqis are distinguished by certain customs and traditions at weddings. Such as the presence of Chinese dowry, which represents one of these traditions. What Iraqis do on their wedding day is by placing it on the bridegroom’s special table, and it includes certain ingredients that people have inherited from generation to generation. Some may even offer another sugar in front of it, which is called a tray of perfume. In which there are seven kinds of white food which is a symbol of purity.

Components Dowry Tray: 

The marriage ceremony begins as soon as the sheikh or the marriage official enters the place. While the bride sits behind the table on which the dowry tray is placed. The pieces of traditional ornament are silver and white in color and each of them has a symbol with a special meaning. As the dowry tray includes the following:

  • A mirror made of silver, which symbolizes clarity.
  • Bowls filled with white sweets, sugar and biscuits, symbolizing good fortune, purity and a happy future life.
  • The Holy Quran; This is to add blessing to the place and the newlyweds.
  • The traditional tablecloth, which is passed down by individuals from one generation to the next, indicates the unity of the family, as it is made of an embroidered piece of cloth called “teramah”.
  • Some types of fruit, usually pomegranate and red apple are added; This symbolizes the happy life of the newlyweds.
  • Decorated basket contains almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, and wheat.
  • A cup of rose water extracted from Persian roses; To perfume the air.
  • A distinctively shaped box filled with gold coins and crystals.
  • A cup of honey, which symbolizes sweetening the newlyweds’ lives.

Traditions of Dowry Party:

Iraqi weddings are distinguished by their association with the number seven. Because it is a distinctive number in many religions, and indicates the number of celebrations that take place prior to the wedding ceremony, and is characterized by the rituals and traditions carried out by the newlyweds and their families:

  • A ceremony is held two days before the wedding, and the formal marriage contract is signed between the bride and groom in the presence of the imam, after which the newlyweds head towards sunrise.
  • Decorating the table where the newlyweds sit in a traditional way that includes a mirror, the Holy Quran and other traditional decorative tools.
  • Reading certain verses from the Holy Quran.
  • Signing the marriage contract, after announcing the consent of the two parties, then family members and guests congratulate the couple, after which a delicious dinner is served to the guests.
  • A traditional Iraqi dance segment.
  • The bride bid farewell to the guests after the ceremony, and served them a bowl full of sweets and cakes before they left.
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