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What are the basic behaviors of school bullying?

How bullying is done in schools and colleges?

Main campus bullying behaviors include:

  1. physical bullying,
  2. students bullying each other verbally,
  3. isolating the bullying target at school, and
  4. spreading rumors online to attack the bullying target.

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What are mistreatment  or bullying behaviors methods?

Campus bullying is an undesirable phenomenon on campus.

In order to separate the target of bullying, many students form small groups and then bully the student through verbal attacks or physical confrontation. School bullying has caused serious psychological trauma to many students.

  1. Physical bullying:

It includes students attacking the bullied by punching and kicking. Some students will rob the bullied of finances and blackmail the bullied. If the bullied wants to resist, it will usher in a more serious situation. Bullying. This is a slightly easier way to detect bullying and often has marks on the victim.

2. Verbal bullying:

Students attacked the bullied with public ridicule and verbal abuse. Some students will use insulting nicknames for the bully to achieve the purpose of attacking others. This form is relatively speaking. It is not easy to be noticed; sometimes the students jokingly make some nicknames without attacking others, but it is a kind of harm to others.

3. Isolating the object of bullying in school:

This is a common form of bullying found on campus. Students try to achieve their goals by isolating the bully. The other person has no friends and can only bear it alone. In fact, most of the people who are bullied are because they don’t have any good friends around, so this kind of students is easy to be bullied.

4. Online attack to the bullying target:

Another form of bullying is online bullying. Students achieve the goal of bullying by taking private photos of the victims, publishing them with unwanted remarks and exposing them on the internet..

The methods of campus bullying are not uncommon. Perhaps many people feel that campus bullying is far away from themselves. But it is very likely that they are also one of them, just invisibly causing harm to others. Many victims are often people with fewer friends. Such people are more prone to rudeness. If they do not have a strong heart and a spirit of resistance, it is recommended that students can make friends with them. They may be friends in times of crisis. It is the straw that saves lives.

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