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What is team spirit? What is the importance of teamwork?

What is team spirit?

Team spirit is a concentrated manifestation of overall awareness, collaboration and service spirit. The core is collaborative cooperation, which reflects the unity of individual and overall interests, and thus ensures the efficient operation of the organization.

Team members do not have to sacrifice themselves to create a team spirit. On the contrary, the individuality and performance expertise ensure that the members complete the tasks and goals together, and the clear willingness and cooperation methods generate real inner motivation.

The importance of teamwork:

a. Team spirit can promote team operation and development.

Under the influence of team spirit, team members have interactive behaviors of caring and helping each other, showing a sense of responsibility of caring about the team, and striving to consciously maintain the collective honor of the team, and consciously constrain themselves with the overall reputation of the team. The behavior, so that team spirit becomes the driving force of the company’s free and comprehensive development.

b. Team spirit cultivates the affinity between team members.

A team with team spirit can make each team member show high morale, which is conducive to stimulating the initiative of the members. The collective consciousness formed by this, common values, high morale, unity and friendship, team members will Voluntarily contribute your ingenuity to the team, and at the same time make yourself more comprehensive.

c. Team spirit is conducive to improving the overall effectiveness of the organization.

By promoting team spirit and strengthening construction, internal consumption can be further reduced. If you always spend time on how to define responsibilities, who should be dealt with and let customers and employees go round and round, this will reduce the affinity of company members and damage the cohesion of the company.

Influencing factors of team spirit:

a. The foundation of team spirit-sway individuality:

Fundamentally speaking, team performance comes first from the individual achievements of the team members, and secondly from the collective achievements. What the team relies on is the collective contribution of individual members to get tangible collective results. Here it is precisely not that team members are required to sacrifice themselves to accomplish the same thing, but that team members are required to exert themselves to do this thing well.

In other words, the cultivation of team efficiency and the formation of team spirit are based on respect for personal interests and achievements. Set up different positions, select different talents, give different treatment, training and affirmation, so that every member has specialties and performances. The stronger the atmosphere, the better.

b. The core of team spirit-collaboration:

Sociological experiments show that two people cooperate with each other in a team manner and complement each other’s strengths, and their work performance is significantly better than the sum of the performance of the two people working alone. Team work spirit emphasizes not only cooperation and concerted efforts in the general sense, but also requires the use of the team’s strengths. Its core lies in strengthening communication in work and taking advantage of differences in personality and ability.

Achieve complementary advantages in solidarity and cooperation, exert positive synergy effects, and bring “1+1>2” performance. Therefore, the guarantee of accomplishing the goals and tasks together lies in the complementarity of the team members’ talents, the use of each individual’s strengths, and the focus on processes to produce synergy.

c. The highest state of team spirit-unity

The centripetal force and cohesion of all members are the most important signs of moving from a loose individual collection to a team. It is important to achieve a common goal here and to encourage all members to fight for it.

However, centripetal force and cohesion come from the conscious inner motivation of team members and from common values. It is difficult to imagine that true centripetal force can be formed in a team without the opportunity to show themselves; it is also difficult to imagine that without a clear willingness to cooperate and Real cohesion can be formed in a collaborative manner.

d. The external form of team spirit-dedication

The team always has clear goals, and achieving these goals cannot always be smooth sailing. Therefore, people with team spirit always have a strong sense of responsibility, full of vitality and enthusiasm. In order to ensure the completion of the mission given by the team, work hard, aggressively and creatively with colleagues.

The development of team spirit needs to start from the following aspects:

1. Clearly put forward team goals:

The goal is the strength that brings people together, the motivation to inspire people to work together, and the yardstick to urge team members. Attention should be paid to unite and unite people with realistic goals, and mobilize people’s enthusiasm.

2. Improve the team management system:

Management work institutionalizes and standardizes people’s behavior. A good team should have a sound and complete system. If there is no effective system, it will not be possible to form a team with strict discipline and strong style.

3. Create a good communication environment:

Effective communication can promptly eliminate and resolve differences and contradictions between leaders and members, between various departments, and between members. Therefore, a good communication environment must be established to enhance team cohesion and reduce “internal friction.”

4. Respect everyone:

Respect for people is an important prerequisite for mobilizing people’s enthusiasm. Everyone’s respect in the team, everyone feels the warmth of the team. Caring for members’ work and life will greatly stimulate members’ determination to dedicate their lives.

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