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What is volunteer work: mean, benefit or advantage, responsibility & result

The effects and advantages of volunteering work on society and culture.

Volunteer usually refer to anyone who volunteers to contribute personal time and energy to improve social services and promote social progress without any material compensation. And monastery volunteers have deeper requirements.

What is Volunteer work?

Man by nature cannot live alone. Rather, he needs to be with a group of people within a community, whether at home study or at work. Because social characteristics are one of the features of human nature, sound instinct always calls for a person to offer goodness and set aside evil permanently. Volunteering is an important source of good deeds. Because it helps to reflect the positive image of the society, and shows the extent of its prosperity and the spread of good morals among its members. Therefore, volunteers work is considered a positive phenomenon, an important humanitarian activity, and one of the most important healthy social aspects. It is a civilized behavior that contributes to enhancing the values ​​of cooperation and spreading well-being among the inhabitants of a single society.

What are types of volunteer?

The types volunteers can be categorized as: voluntary, altruistic, free, obligatory, and organizational.

1. Voluntary:

Volunteers must be conscious of their wishes and have the right to choose; becoming a volunteer is completely conscious and does not contain any compulsion. Volunteers also have the right to terminate volunteers activities and withdraw from volunteer organizations at any time.

2. Altruism:

Volunteers emphasize the spirit of service, focus on dedication and altruism, and should not start from self-interest.

3. Unpaid:

Volunteers should not be accompanied by expectations of external remuneration. Volunteer activities usually do not get remuneration for labor, and there is no relationship between employment and employment.

4. Obligation:

If a volunteer is a disciple of the Three Jewels, protecting the Three Jewels is the duty of every Buddha.

5. Organizational:

Volunteers must abide by the volunteer rules and accept a certain degree of management and restraint, so that voluntary activities can be carried out in an orderly, efficient and legal manner.

The benefits and advantages of volunteering:

Voluntary work has many benefits and features that make it distinguished from any other type of work, and among its most important benefits and advantages are:

Volunteers work is a good option to obtain many important experiences that bear positive results for the volunteer himself, and the institution for which he works as well, where the voluntary can gain new skills or improve the skills he possesses.

  • The voluntary activities are among the most important public activities that play an important role in sustaining the development of a society.
  • It helps volunteers to make use of their free time and turn it into a useful voluntary activity.
  • Voluntary work relieves problems affecting society and individuals.
  • Volunteer work contributes to increasing the volunteers’ ability to communicate effectively with other individuals.
  • Volunteers are sentimental and righteous.

Volunteers are sentimental and righteous.

They come from joyful intentions, serving the public with a willing, joyful, and regret-free mind.

Where is the meaning of life? Although many people enjoy modern life, they feel empty in their hearts. If you know how to make good use of time, power. Participate in whatever you can, not only will the soul be alone but life will be happy. Volunteering, no matter how much you work, you practice, you follow good teachings. So you are increasing the value of life, you are cultivating blessings and wisdom. You are all in perfect life!

Most people only think about volunteering to promote bliss. But how can they grasp “wisdom”? How can I “cultivate wisdom”? Reducing one’s worries of “greed”, worries of “hate” etc. Volunteering for the sovereignty of the people, not getting tired of fame and fortune, fame, desires, greed can do nothing with me. Easily and easily achieved, without the enslavement of greed and notoriety, difficulties will naturally be reduced.

Volunteers’ rights:

The volunteer must understand his role well in the volunteer work through knowing his rights within the scope of work, which are:

  1. Work in safe and healthy places.
  2. Feeling respected and trusted by those in charge of the organization responsible for volunteering.
  3. Appreciate the volunteer efforts by obtaining positive feedback.
  4. That the volunteer has the right to use the foundation’s facilities.
  5. Knowing information about the institution or organization in which he works.
  6. Provide a description about the nature of the volunteer’s volunteer work , specifying the roles and tasks required, and the working hours.
  7. Provide prior training , supervision and adequate follow-up for volunteers.
  8. Get adequate breaks.
  9. Provide full support for each volunteer.
  10. Preserving the personal data of each volunteer.

Responsibilities of volunteers:

There are also rights for volunteers that entail a set of responsibilities, which they must adhere to implement, namely:

  1. Executing all tasks related to voluntary work.
  2. Participate in planning volunteer activities, and suggest appropriate ways to implement them.
  3. Attending the volunteer meetings, and apologizing for them in an appropriate manner in case of not being able to participate.
  4. Ask for help from the volunteer supervisors when you need it.
  5. Contribute to strengthening the culture of volunteering in society.
  6. Understanding the goals of the organization (the institution) and its aspirations, and respecting its internal policy.
  7. Respect for all other individuals, regardless of the nature of their work, or their social class.
  8. Correct implementation of the required tasks.
  9. Not using the money earmarked to volunteer for personal expenses.
  10. Maintaining permanent enthusiasm while doing the volunteer work.

Volunteer work guidelines:

There is a set of guidelines that help volunteers choose their volunteer work, and the most important of these guidelines are:

  • Searching for the best institutions and organizations that offer modern ideas in order to carry out the best voluntary work and activities in the community.
  • Thinking about the nature of new skills that could be learned, and getting enough experience from them in the field of study, or working after completing their application within the volunteer work environment.
  • Before joining any kind of volunteer work, it is necessary to ensure full commitment to the nature of work, and to allocate part of the time to do it.
  • Maintaining flexibility while interacting with colleagues in volunteer work and with other individuals, and realizing that the beginning will be difficult; Therefore, constant patience must be taken, and an attempt to adapt to the nature of volunteer work in the shortest possible time.

Results of volunteer work:

There is a set of results that volunteer work contributes to achieving, namely:

  1. Preserving the stability and development of the local community.
  2. Volunteers provide part of their time and effort in order to provide for the many needs of community members.
  3. Utilizing the energies of the youth and utilizing them in the best and most efficient way.
  4. Reducing incorrect behaviors and promoting a sense of self-satisfaction.
  5. The volunteer work raises the level of enthusiasm and activity of the volunteers.
  6. Voluntary work reduces the spread of hostility among individuals in society.
  7. The volunteer work contributes to refining the personality of the volunteer individuals.
  8. Helping to promote the concept of awareness in the society.
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