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What to do when facing doubts and questions from others in life?

What to do when faced with the doubts of others?

In life, it is very common to encounter people who question oneself when communicating with others about one’s own ideas or doubts. At this time, we need to think and respond wisely.

It is undeniable that no matter what you do, there will always be someone who will top it up and some will doubt it. What should you do?

Assuming you want to start a business, you sell stinky tofu.

a. Some people have said, haha, what a rubbish industry, it is too unreliable to sell stinky tofu after you graduated from college.

b. Some people have said, Boss, since the mess is not good now, it is better to sell stinky tofu together.

Anyway, people have to do something while alive. Let’s do it together. See success or failure. Life is heroic. It’s a big deal to start again.

After a few years, if you fail. You waste countless youths in exchange for only a memory. The first type of person will definitely tell you afterwards, how is it, I told you already, hahaha. After a few years, if you succeed. The first type of person may hurry up and study whether they can join your stinky tofu shop or compete with you. But what does your life, the life of your brothers and sisters, have to do with those skeptical commentators?

Failed, you taste the heroism after the heroic life. Success, you share a brilliant bloom in your life. So, in the face of your own suspicions, you can explain and answer as much as you want, and laugh at the suspicions of others. Always remember who wants to share life with you, to share successes and failures, to share the fragrance of birds and flowers or the miserable wind and rain. As for other people, what does it have to do with you? Save precious time, free words of irrelevant people Put it behind your head. Instead of struggling to make everyone believe you, you should take your brothers and sisters to create the life you want.

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